In customs field we are at the forefront in regulatory update, as well as in the search for innovative solutions enabling a more efficient enforcement of customs formalities inbound or outbound from the E.u .

Customs operations of import and export goods, both with traditional systems in simplified procedure, using all methods to minimize delays and red tape; respect for customs clearance times.

Customs operations of temporary import and re-export, temporary export and re-import.

information and assistance to customers related to simplified procedures, accounts processing, enhanced lists, tariff classification of goods, prohibitions on importation and exportation, requests for issuance of licenses and authorizations, ministerial licenses, and non-preferential origin of goods, fiscal representation with u.t.f .

for products subject to excise duty.

data processing and filing intrastat models at customs as delegates; assistance during and after the financial administration verifications.

consultancy in the field of customs, tax and foreign trade.

certification compliance data from customs declarations of exports and imports and possible adjustment of the operations declared “in accordance with the declared” not yet verified by the financial administration

strength for many Italian and foreign shipping houses , for customs operations, with a guarantee of professionalism and neutrality

transport organization by sea and by air